All Green Insurance

Launching Insurance Solutions in an Uncommon Marketplace

Branding - Illustration - Printing - Web Design

Launching Insurance Solutions in an Uncommon Marketplace

Established in 2009, All Green is a Colorado based insurance company that provides services specifically within the cannabis space. As the cannabis industry grows and expands; so too does the need for specialty coverage. Whether it’s crop insurance, infused product manufacturing or workers' compensation policies, All Green Insurance has you covered.


As demand grows and the stigma of marijuana dwindles across the nation, new businesses started to surge in an effort to fill that demand. AGI was in a unique position as being one of the very few insurance companies that would work with these growing businesses. They were in need of an entire branding effort which included a new logo and a branded website. During our initial discovery we also realized that the demand for insurance was so high, that it would be best to launch an initial landing page first. We created one with a robust form to gauge and garner client interest.


Our initial approach was to design a few logo concepts; ultimately they settled on a duo-tone cannabis leaf.  This was the basis for a flat design that was applied to the icons across the site and for their color palette. The next phase was the creation of Style Tiles. These are typically concise designs that cover concepts such as color theory, typography, photography, UI/UX components and other digital assets. Now that all the elements were in place it was a matter of simply putting them all together.

All Green Insurance :: Style Tiles


Once the logo was finalized and the Style Tiles were approved we moved quickly to launch a landing page. It donned a robust form with custom icons which can be seen in the work here. We focused greatly on making the user experience as fluid as possible. I worked closely with my programmer to make sure that if a user started entering information in either the landing page or the home page of the branded site, it would seamlessly transition into the full form. Finally, we have a few more applications on display including business cards and stationary.