Canna Security America

Branding a Security Solutions Company in Growing Industries

Branding - Illustration - Print - UX Design - Web Design

The First National Security Solutions Provider for the Cannabis Industry

Canna Security America is a Colorado based security solutions business that provides services exclusively to the cannabis industry. While many security system businesses refused to provide services to this sector, CSA stood as the first nationwide company to help. As a pioneer in the cannabis industry, CSA leadership also authored several new pieces of legislation for Colorado in an effort to change laws impacting the future safety of their customers and the cannabis landscape.


While Canna Security America leadership was focused on providing essential services to clients and working to change the industry narrative, we were approached to help them launch an entirely new branded website. During discovery we also realized a need for us to create digital for their social media accounts and finally they needed a few pieces of traditional print marketing in the form of flyers and invitations.


Typical of operational businesses, Canna Security America came to us with a developed logo, their own photography and what I would consider the beginnings of a strong color palette. Using the strong foundation that CSA had built I started to create a series of Style Tiles. These are small one page designs that encompass all aspects of our project at very limited scale. These tiles focused mostly on iconography, color gradients and typography.

Canna Security America :: Style Tiles


We began piecing together Canna Security America’s new website shortly after our tiles were approved. At the time all of my websites pitched included a Content Management System, that would allow clients to update their own digital properties; so designing in a way for clients to easily update without  “breaking” the site was at the forefront of my design philosophy. This allows us to design a dynamic rotating header that showcased photos, illustrations and even video. Between our discovery and design phases; CSA became publicly traded in Over-the-counter markets (OTC Markets). We made a few adjustments and introduced a symbol ticker and an investor relations page. As mentioned before we finished our project by designing a few mailers and various social media assets, all celebrating CSA’s continued success and their opening to the public market.