CBA of Massachusetts

Concept: Branding a Trade Association in Massachusetts

Branding - Illustration - Web Design

Branding a Trade Association in Massachusetts

Based out of Denver, The Cannabis Business Alliance was an industry leading resource and trade association for business owners. Advocates for sensible and collaborative public policy that protects employees, patients, and clients of the medical and retail marijuana industry. There was a push from local advocates for a state chapter. Unfortunately this project never went into full production and so this is simply showcased as a concept piece.


The original idea behind this project was to design an off-shoot of Cannabis Business Alliance in Massachusetts. This included a “reiteration” of the original CBA of Massachusetts logo, a landing page design and the development of a completely branded website. I went on to build out various sections including a jobs board, an event sections and a members only section with business profiles.


Though showcased as a concept piece, this was very much a live project up until the end, including having feedback cycles from multiple stakeholders and various industry leaders in and around the New England area. Reception for the logo was positive and soon as it was approved we moved quickly into designing a landing page. Once launched I began creating their site.

CBA of Massachusetts :: Landing Page


Ultimately I had designed over 15 separate/applications pages that would be the basis of the full site along with the logo and landing page.  Even though this is the only project showcased that never went live, it was still a great experience and a ton of fun to create. I really enjoyed working within the color palette and the exercise of branding a trade association.