ProVerde Laboratories, Inc.

Launching Digital for a Testing Laboratory

Branding - UX Design - Web Design

Launching Digital for a Testing Laboratory

ProVerde Laboratories, Inc. is a Milford, Massachusetts based laboratory offering analytical testing and consulting services for a wide variety of market segments. ProVerde offers services not only to help patients and caregivers understand what is in their medical cannabis but also become more effective and efficient in their cultivating, processing and formulating.


We were approached by Proverde Labs to create a new informative website that showcased their testing and consulting services. During discovery we agreed to integrate a company blog and discussed the ability to generate and process orders. ProVerde Labs came prepared with a unique rainbow colored logo as a nod to their chromatography testing and a strong color palette.


Using these style tiles we kicked off the design process, quickly communicating and testing multiple aesthetic approaches. One of the benefits of this design process is the ability to present many ideas within a short period of time. This in turn creates more opportunities with focused and directed client feedback. Saving time, cost and energy with little drawback. The order section of the website was pretty straight forward as we simply made sure it was branded similarly to avoid any disengagements in the experience


The end resulted in a website that showcased years of consulting expertise with state of the art testing methods, a simple but efficient dynamic header and a robust blog for industry and company news. The entire website was built within our own content management system which allows ProVerde Labs to make almost any change to the content itself.  More importantly was the introduction of the online ordering section, which allowed for clients to easily request testing either onsite or through ProVerde’s mobile testing facility. Although the online ordering section was pretty straight forward, we made sure it was branded correctly to avoid any disengagements in the experience.