Redefining a Legendary Nightlife Brand

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Redefining a Legendary Nightlife Brand

Established in 2008, Rhoaming Entertainment started as a simple idea, our own parties, with our own crowd, and our own music. Years later they still vibe as one of Boston’s premier nightlife brands. Rhoaming is a full service entertainment company, inclusive of talent management, event production and promotional marketing. To this day they still host some of the most successful nights for young professionals in Boston.


Rhoaming is the first brand I ever created, it’s also my longest running one. When it was originally conceived, it was known as Rhoaming Entertainment. As the years passed there was a push to create sub-brands as a way to distinguish the service areas we promoted. As an example “The Rhoaming Music Group” which donned its own logo and website was mostly used to showcase managed talent such as musicians or DJs. Ultimately what we realized is that keeping everything under one roof served everyone better. Less confusion and more cohesion; consolidating their efforts would be essential to their continued success.


Though Rhoaming has used the same logo for over a decade, their marketing process has drastically changed since its inception. Gone are the days of getting printed flyers or heavily marketed websites with content hidden behind logins. Now the focus is to freely share as much content as possible to increase engagement. This engagement with patrons comes primarily from Facebook and Instagram. I started by creating a watermark that would be used as the profile photo for these social networks and as an extension of the wordmark.


As a seasoned designer, I can now look back clearly at mistakes that were made when I originally created the Rhoaming Logo. The largest violation being that their online properties and the logo didn’t share the same name, and that introducing graphic elements splitting the wordmark is never ideal (first logo). In addition to consolidating all the different brands we had created under Rhoaming, we also thought it was time to drop the “Entertainment” section of the logo. Rhoaming had successfully created enough clout throughout the years to carry that part of the business to new clients. Making alterations to a bold and modern font, including a custom letter “R” which is featured by itself as a watermark or completely as a wordmark